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Welcome to Darren McGarvey's Common People, a new podcast series where award-winning writer and commentator Darren McGarvey sits down with ordinary people to explore various topics that impact their lives. From politics and social issues to culture and entertainment, Darren and his guests will engage in thought-provoking conversations that shed light on the experiences of everyday people. Whether you want to gain new perspectives on current events or enjoy hearing from diverse voices, this podcast is for you. So please sit back, relax, and join us for an enlightening and entertaining journey into the lives of Common People.


Darren McGarvey: Trauma Industrial Complex – Trauma and Oversharing in the Age of Lived Experience

Trauma is everywhere. Central to its salience is the notion of telling one’s story. Culture demands the authentic testimony of those with 'lived experience' of trauma, but what happens after you put it all out there? Deconstructing the adversity which brought him to wider public attention – growing up in an alcoholic home before descending into addiction himself – McGarvey explores the role personal narratives play in both hurting and healing, and examines the risks involved in telling your story publicly.


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